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To "fu", cymbals xin technology for Shanghai Zijiang project customized dehumidi
Release time:2022-06-21 16:16:33

Since the full resumption of work in Shanghai, cymbexin Technology has been working hard on epidemic prevention and control, and all the staff have been working hard to recover the time delayed by the epidemic as soon as possible. In the afternoon of June 20th, the indoor single wheel dehumidification equipment of Shanghai Zijiang Project was shipped smoothly. This project is a dehumidifier unit for workshop transformation. Environmental control requirements: temperature 25℃±2℃, humidity ≤50%.


The frame of the unit is welded with thickened cold plate, and the overall sealing is good. The maintenance door adopts anti-cold bridge structure design to eliminate cold and heat conduction and solve the condensation phenomenon on the outer surface of the box body. The door frame is sealed with high elastic rubber to reduce air leakage rate. Intelligent control adopts high-quality PLC data acquisition, analysis and control system to achieve accurate control of constant temperature and humidity environment in the room, greatly reducing the operating cost of customers. Because the equipment is placed indoors and the environment needs waterproof requirements, the regeneration fan motor is installed with special rain proof board device, which can better protect the rain proof performance of the spare parts inside the regeneration system of the unit. Front surface cold with protective water baffle, rain prevention effect is more obvious, while the screen to prevent leaves and small animals into the unit, better protection equipment internal parts and wires, cables, etc.; Dehumidifier surface cooling adopts cold coil system, regenerative electric heating SCR stepless adjustment.



Experienced outbreaks in Shanghai in the process of the project equipment manufacturing, determination to keep factories and workers idle and poor transport all kinds of difficulties, but the cymbals xin person with practical action to practice the commitment of "take the customer as the center", confirm the development of high quality determination, recognised by the height of the customer, cymbals xin science and technology will continue to provide more quality services to our customers.