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Corporate Culture

Enterprise mission: advanced industrial intelligent manufacturing technology; We will continue to promote the progress of the intelligent environmental engineering industry

Enterprise vision: to become the industry's leading intelligent environment system service provider with international competitiveness

Core values: Integrity, responsibility, innovation and endeavor

Enterprise spirit: hard work, unity and cooperation; Pragmatic and enterprising, loyal and trustworthy


Extended Concept ——

Market philosophy: customer oriented technology leading

Talent concept: Chongde shangcai respect duty and good

Technical concept: focus on intensive, open and innovative

Customer concept: Quality service to create value

Quality concept: excellence quality casting soul

—— Culture Manifestation ——

Struggler Culture

• Never settle for the existing achievements in the face of competing and changing markets, but rise to the challenges; create the faith of continuous hard struggle, and work hard to do our work well, do the little things well, and do the ordinary things well.

• Make every effort to create value for the organization, take the initiative to adapt to new market requirements, and find new areas of market.

• Willing to cooperate and good at cooperation; never haggle over personal gain and loss; dare to take responsibilities and make clients feel win-win situation in the cooperation with you.

Craftsman Culture

• Professional and dedicated; making perfection more perfect

• Having values to pursue; down-to-earth and honest

• Believing that producing excellent products is the first duty

• Believing product quality improvement will not end

• The most practical and effective; good at innovation and improvement

Engineer Culture 

• Excellent professional skills

• Being meticulous in quality

• Trying every way to solve problem

• Excellent work ethics

• Cultivating strong sense of mission and responsibility