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Company profile

Boxin Technology specializes in the technology development,technology transfer,technology consultation and technical service in professional technological areas such as air purification,environmental protection,mechanical and electrical equipment,mechanics and intelligence,the installation of air purification engineering,air purification equipment,heating equipment,ventilating equipment,air conditioning equipment,and intelligent equipment for buildings,the marketing of mechanical and electrical equipment,mechanical equipment,air purification equipment,refrigeration equipment,heating and ventilating equipment,thermal insulating equipment,air conditioning equipment,instrumentation,hardware and electrical equipment,intelligent switchgear,environmental protection equipment and air purification equipment,and the import&export of goods and technologies.

Polder Eco Technologies(Shanghai)Ltd.,Bohang Construction Engineering(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.and Boyue New Energy Technology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.under the group render services for the vast number of users and friends from all walks of life through energy-saving and environmentally friendly product,clean room projects,equipment leasing,convention and exhibition services and other diversified services,and have got unanimous excellent reviews.The group will keep on providing better products and services,and make its own contributions to the construction of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

In 2019,Boxin Technology got listed at the science and technology innovation board of Shanghai Stock Exchange(stock code 300321),and took this as a new starting point to work with the partners to create a better future.



With more than 1500 square meters of office space and exhibition center, the office environment is elegant and comfortable. Product service Exhibition center displays dehumidification products and intelligent factory solutions to highlight the company's strategic culture.


It has a standardized production workshop of more than 3000 square meters, equipped with 8 production assembly lines, and a monthly production capacity of 40-50 sets of low-dew point rotary dehumidifier units.