About us

Boxin Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, production and sales of wheel dehumidification equipment and temperature and humidity control products, as well as one-stop intelligent factory environmental system engineering services. In the field of new energy (lithium, thermal batteries, solid state batteries and other drying rooms, laboratories, clean workshops); Electronic field (electronic chips, semiconductors, optical instruments, precision computer rooms and other clean intelligent environment engineering); Companies in the field of biomedicine (biopharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, etc., design and transformation of a full range of intelligent environment engineering EPC services) and military industry have formed a complete industrial value chain integrating independent core technologies, leading products and smart factory solutions.

  • Dehumidification equipment
  • Engineering Service
  • New energy

As a high-tech enterprise in the field of intelligent environment and dehumidification equipment,Polder Eco Technology (Shanghai) Co., and focuses on designing and developing ultra-low-energy rotary dehumidification equipment and providing one-stop intelligent environment system engineering services. The Company is headquartered in Shanghai Zizhu High-tech Industrial Park.

Bohang Construction Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a composite enterprise specializing in dehumidification & drying and purification works. 

The business network of the Company covers every part of China, having created a number of successful cases in the areas of thermal battery drying room, lithium battery drying room, electronics and industrial factory buildings, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, cosmetics, biological engineering, lab purification decoration etc.

 The Institute of New Energy and Environmental Engineering under the S&T Promoting Association (hereinafter referred to as "the Institute") is a non-profit service group under Shanghai Civil-Military S&T Promoting Association, a cooperative organization voluntarily established by enterprises, colleges and universities, propaganda agencies, financial service organizations and other groups and individuals, and a specialized, open and shared platform for scientific and technological innovation cooperation and exchange of new energy and environmental engineering industry.