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Focusing on the Environment and Seeking Eco-friendly Development

Practice of corporate social responsibility is always part of the business philosophy of Boxin Technology; from the very beginning of product development, projects are developed with long-term energy conservation in mind in a way that the social value can be maximized, thereby conserving natural resources, improving the resource efficiency, and creating benign social benefits. Boxin Technology does business in an environmentally friendly and legal manner, constantly looking for ways to reduce risks and creating a safer, healthier and more eco-friendly working environment so as to achieve sustainable development.

• The production & operation strictly complies with environment, health and safety management systems.

• Enhance all employees' understanding of environmental, health and safety policies, procedures and practices by means of trainings. Implement relevant environment, health and safety management projects and assignments

• Reduce the record-able accident injury rate

• Reduce energy consumption by increasing the efficiency of production or factories

Green Office

From water conservation through electricity conservation to paperless office, from office design through the selection of building materials to the building of green offices and office procurement, Boxin Technology keeps energy conservation and environmental protection in mind, and encourage its employees to live low-carbon lives and try to get to work by public transport so as to alleviate carbon emissions.