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Cymbixin Technology was invited to participate in the first new energy and energ
Release time:2023-11-06 09:41:07

From November 3-5, the first Xiangjiang International Forum on New Energy and Energy Storage Engineering and 2023 China (Changsha) Battery Industry Expo were held in Changsha. The conference was jointly sponsored by Central South University, the New Energy Materials Development Working Committee of the China Non-Ferrous Metals Society, the Power Technology Professional Committee of the China Energy Research Society, the New Energy and Carbon neutral Professional Committee of the China High-tech Industrialization Research Society, and the Hunan Battery Industry Association. The theme of the conference is "Disciplinary talent support, integrated development of production and research, low-carbon energy transformation". More than 10 academicians from domestic and foreign universities in the field of new energy and energy storage engineering, more than 130 national industry leading experts and "four green" talents, as well as local government leaders and representatives of the head of the enterprise, a total of thousands of participants gathered to talk about industry prospects and opportunities. Cymbal Xin Technology was invited to participate in the forum as an exhibitor.

As a manufacturer of industrial wheel dehumidifier and a one-stop environmental engineering builder, Cymbixin Technology introduced one-stop environmental solutions in the fields of lithium-ion batteries, thermal batteries and all-solid-state batteries to the guests during the conference. Cymbixin Technology takes this conference as an opportunity to continue to deepen the field of new energy and energy storage engineering, continue to innovate, continue to work hard, and become a leader in environmental solutions.